About Me

Education & Performing Experience

MJ Management
HKCR Agency (film and theatre)
Innovative Artists (commercial and voiceover)
Meg is a NYC-based actor and singer. At age 17, she deepened her creative passion as a company member for a regional theatre – Through that year, she acted in nearly 300 performances of mainstage and touring productions such as Jeffrey Sanzel’s From the Fires: Voices of the Holocaust. Then studying at Oxford University, Meg gained a deeper appreciation for classical theatre. She subsequently enjoyed taking on some of her dream roles at Fordham University in Manhattan. She looks forward to continuing in the film world – she has acted in various films throughout college and since. Upcoming film work includes the feature Sideways For Attention. Meg loves jamming out on guitar or piano, geeking out over astrophysics, singing opera, and admittedly consuming questionable amounts of peanut butter. She hopes to continue creating work that gives audiences what they may not even know they needed, from comedies that provide light in the darkness to historical commentaries that tug at heartstrings.
“She enchants the stage with her talent. Her performance alone is worth the price of the ticket. You must watch her live in person. Once you see her on stage, you will forever remember her.” -Patch.com
“Meg Bush as Luisa/The Girl with her operettic soprano in addition to her ability to play both the flute and guitar is unique. Her Luisa personifies innocence. She is the dreamer…we can’t help but empathize.” -TBR News Media